Jacarandá and the May flower

Fecha y hora

Sunday 25


Double show: 19.00 & 20.00 h

An itinerant dance show called JACARANDÁ ANDTHE MAY FLOWER, in which they dance and sing, moving and interacting with the audience.

A journey through the cultural tradition of some Latin American countries. A show full of rhythm, beauty, femininity, joy, strength and color. Rhythms such as Cumbia, Chandé, El Son Corrido, El Bullerengue, El Mapalé… a very varied repertoire to share with the public, make them dance, sing, interact.

They want to make discover the audience the Afro-Latin American culture, its wealth, diversity and contribution to humanity, through artistic manifestations. All the members are women artists, also committed to the responsibility of creating, giving, transmitting, disseminating, learning and sharing