Fecha y hora

Friday 23


Location: Sunset Domo

Party: Glove Party

Zonzo is a DJ from Sardinia, Italy. His musical interest goes from the Doo Wop to the Disco through the Funk, the Balearic, and electronic music. After two years as a resident in Apolo of Barcelona with “Apocalypse Miau” he has been, during all the season, opening the sessions of international guests in Razzmatazz. At the same time, he has collaborated in projects such as JOSEP – (Tape Music 2015) and has spent several years living between Berlin and Barcelona, being a resident of the WANTED party, in the Chalet club of the German capital. During the last years he has led his own party in the city of Barcelona, GLOVE PARTY, a fundamental reference of the Spanish Disco-Funk scene, and the disco music festival “The Landing” organized in Mallorca.