(French Fries) Mr.K! y Ley Dj

Fecha y hora

Sunday 11


In times like these, in which the DJ is expected to add an extra to the show that he lacked a few decades ago, it is comforting to run into professionals who make their sessions much more than mere fireworks. Ley DJ, unlike many posers, not only dominates the raw material that she manages: se also knows how to perceive the ambient factor to adapt like a glove to the spirit that presides over each room, each night, each occasion.

Mr.K! is one of the most known djs tin the clubbing world from Barcelona. Fourteen years ago, thanks to 2manydjs, he discovered the art of Mashup, a genre that he nurtured in his first years of career and that led him to be considered one of the leading exponents of this genre in our country.

On the other hand, since the end of 2017, he has organized his own party called “French Fries” in the Apolo room together with Ley Dj, to which DJs such as the British Alex Metric (OSWLA) and Boston Bun (Ed Banger Records) have come. Mr.K! and Ley Dj come to White Summer with “French Fries” party.