DJ Maadraassoo

Fecha y hora

Sunday 04


Maadraassoo has established himself in Barcelona’s new underground night scene based on being one of the best DJs with pop and electronic music. He is currently a resident DJ at Razzmatazz (Barcelona) and has more than fifteen years of experience throughout various clubs, venues and clubs in Spain with careful programming and firm commitment to pop-rock music and quality electronics. Finally, he has also performed at several music festivals.M

In all these years he has been able to offer purely electronic sessions with other more indies, and also sharing a booth with a great variety of national or international artists / DJs.E

His elongated shadow enters the White Summer Festival Costa Brava 2019 to offer you a session with great enthusiasm and ambition. His quick fingers want to move and want people to dance to the beat they set.

What can you expect from him that night? An elegant session, equipped with good technique and adorned with an excellent musical selection: large doses of pop and electro-shock so that they recover the pulse they had lost throughout the week …

Movement, passion, hits, emotion, rhythm, precision, good vibes: 100% guaranteed.

Are you going to lose it? It’s alive!!! It’s Maadraassoo!!!