Black & Deckard

Fecha y hora

Friday 23


Location: Sunset Domo

Party: Glove Party

Regular residents individually and as a couple of the Glove Party, Sergi Deckard and Carlos Negro began working together many years ago in the illegal Montacargas.

CARLOS NEGRO – Negro is a resident of Barcelona at the prestigious disco-freak party Glove Party, where he gives free rein to his philosophy “no rules”, jumping between the album, new wave or house sounds of Chicago. A great attitude with which he has assaulted important cabins of the European circuit such as Berlin, London, Paris, Milan, and several tours of South America.

DECKARD – After more than two decades as a DJ, he has gone through all the underground clubs in Barcelona, the Sonar festival and an outstanding residence in the prestigious Moog as well as some European clubs in cities such as Berlin, London, Oslo, Torino. Since 2013, he manages the Pocket Club Switch, where he maintains a continuous program with the best local DJs and international visits, and which has become a place of worship for lovers of quality electronic music.