Fecha y hora

Thursday 08


Secretly hoping you catch me looking” is the second album of Pavvla, published at the end of 2018. Her debut “Creatures”, positioned her as one of the most important indie new proposals of our country. With nearly a hundred concerts behind her in Spain and abroad, and with articles in renowned media such as the American NPR or the British BBC, Pavvla earned the label of emerging indie artist of the moment with performances in the main festivals of our country and thousands of listeners on streaming platforms.

 “Secretly hoping you catch me looking” draws clearly the concept change of her debut. If “Creatures” was an album made from nostalgia and from naivete, this new album carries the provocation and a much more hooligan attitude, completely discarding the naive and innocent attitude. With an explosive yet intimist direct, Pavvla continues to demonstrate why her proposal has been acclaimed everywhere.