Le Discoboulet

Fecha y hora

Friday 16


Location: Main stage

Party: Glove party

Born in 1981 “Le Discoboulet” has been searching for records for more than 20 years now. He spent most part of his time on all four somewhere behind a table in a dirty corner, finding some never-heard-before private pressing record, that will blow the head of anyone hearing it. To become this kind of unsocial record nerd we must go a little bit back in time. There was a moment where he was really impressed by listening to Danielle Baldelli tapes from the 80s. “That was a key moment for me and I started to collect all kind of weird library music and stuff that is kind of danceable”. Imagine you go through a labyrinth of different styles of music and he’s connecting all the weird ways into one. He’s always trying to catch the way to a melodic journey into your head. Sometimes when you’re in the right mood and listen to a set of him you can fly into a journey trough space and time. Feel free and enjoy it!