El Petit de Cal Eril

Fecha y hora

Tuesday 13


After finishing the magic tour of “La força”, without time to take a breath, El Petit de Cal Eril returned in 2018 with a new album that, in reality, is three albums in one. The triangular disc “△” has been produced, recorded and planned as a trilogy of EPs where the joint work of the whole band has been key, formed by Artur Tort (keyboards), Dani Comas (bass), Ildefons Alonso (drums), Jordi Matas (drums) and Joan Pons (voice and guitar). It takes over their five CDs such outstanding and excellent albums as “Per què es grillen les patates” (2007), “I sargantanes al sol” (2009), “Vol i dol” (2010), “La figura del buit” (2013) and “La força”.