DJ Coco

Fecha y hora

Saturday 24


While in the formula radio coexisted things like Laura Pausini with REM or Guns n Roses, Abel Suárez was part of the first steps of a musical avant-garde called Nitsa.

Since 1994, with his eyes on the dance floor and on the front line. Throughout these years the list of eminences that have shared cabin with Dj Coco is very long but to name a few we could say: Erol Alkan, 2manydjs, Dimitri from Paris, Justice, Ian Pooley or Le Hammond Inferno.

The list is varied within what is the spectrum of dance music but perhaps the common denominator of these artists could be the importance of the melodies, a constant that is repeated in the sessions of Coco and that is accentuated in one of the dates of the year; the closing of Primavera Sound.

One of the special sessions of the year where Dj Coco brings out that art of selecting hits with essence pop. Being able to find classic house themes, songs with a guitar presence both on the disco side and on the rock, timeless hits or very recent electronic releases.

A setlist with the capacity to move to a dance floor of 10,000 people with tastes of a very open range.

DJ COCO can be framed in 3 very clear slopes; TRACK VISION, seasoned with his years of experience. CAPACITY TO IDENTIFY HITS regardless of the obvious.

And consequence of his years of work, his criteria and his own self-demand as a professional in the sector: QUALITY. These three edges openly focused on one thing: THE DANCE.