Concerts - White Summer Sounds

Ramon Mirabet

Fecha y hora

Thursday 06



If the river runs savagely, you have two options: let yourself be carried into a sea of doubts or try to go upstream to reach the best of the riverbanks. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall to the ground, but the desire and energy you put in when you get up. Ramon Mirabet knows that no matter how far that horizon is longed for, no effort will be a waste of time. You never have to settle for what you already have, you always have to start over, go outside and face new challenges to enrich yourselves and, with a little luck, to feel more liberated.

You can read the new challenges of Ramon Mirabet in his new songs. Erected as creator, producer and spectacular performer, Mirabet brings us closer to a world where the epic merges with simplicity, where nothing stays halfway.

New songs with new sounds that reach the epicenter of rock, to the very core of those genes that make us dance or to the roots of tenderness. Ramon Mirabet continues to demonstrate with “Begin Again” that he is not following a conventional path, that he is a man willing to watch the flow of the current from the shore and that his voice still finds no rival.

“Begin Again” is an album created with the patience that requires anything you can be satisfied with. A visceral album made of blows against the walls of time, inspiration and pressure. Ramon Mirabet has been clear with himself that this album had to be the best album he wanted to do right now and that nothing and nobody was going to alter his plans. The songs of “Begin Again” are written from love, from that positive anger that helps you get away from grudges, from what is seen and lived on the trips, from the corresponding friendships and from the conviction that starting over does not mean giving a single step back.