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Fecha y hora

Thursday 13



Álvaro Lafuente known as Guitarricadelafuente is a 21-year-old artist with Aragonese roots, airs of Andalusian plazuela and feet in the terreta. His music arises from the influences of the people of his childhood town, Cuevas De Cañart, where surrounded by musicians, I’ve learned to love the truth of the art of the sound and to perceive this art as something with which to transmit from the heart. And it is through that heart that Guitarricadelafuente becomes strong and immediately reduces its listeners. Beyond his scruffy appareance, look and harmful smile and elusive shyness/humility, we find ourselves in front of a unique composer and interpreter, with all the difficulty of maintaining this affirmation, after 50 years in which humanity seems to have invented everything in the grounds of pop .

Guitarricadelafuente is an old soul, there is no other explanation to a sensibility such as the one of the greats of Spanish-speaking music. The old people recognize in him the light of Antonio Vega, the lyrics of the Latin American classics and the young, an energetic flash that they don’t know how to classify yet…

Without musicians, or producers, or arrangements, or record labels … Guitarricadelafuente recorded his first songs in his room with the Playstation microphone. The production is not missing, just guitar, voice and a lot of naked soul is enough to succumb immediately – Guitarricadelafuente blinds anyone… and he does so at the first listening. Without realizing it you start googling his name, to discover more about him… there was not much to find just a few months ago, just some demos and a desperate plea for tickets for sold out shows.