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Carlos Sadness

Fecha y hora

Saturday 08



Barcelona’s Carlos Sadness has self-propelled based on originality beyond national borders, breaking records of ticket sales on his tours.

The poetry of the lyrics of his songs that so well combines with his music led by the ukulele (his main instrument) have resulted on a host of followers that raise their numbers of reproductions in Spotify to infinity and beyond.

Its growth, both here and in Latin America, thanks to its latest album Diferentes Tipos de Luz has been exponential: today it accumulates more than 1.4 million monthly listeners on Spotify and more than 10 singles that exceed 5 million listeners.

The phenomenon Distintos Tipos de Luz does not leave anyone indifferent. So the Latin Recording Academy awarded him the Latin Grammy for Best Packaging Design that he created himself.

Aloha, his latest single, kicks off the album that Carlos Sadness dreams for 2020. A new adventure that promises great live performances and that began as a shared trip with Bomba Estéreo to the busy port city of Santa Marta.

And besides … he has great hair!