Concerts - White Summer Sounds

C. Tangana

Fecha y hora

Saturday 01



C. Tangana is one of the most avant-garde artists in Spain and a global phenomenon today. With more than 7 million monthly listeners and an unstoppable series of successes such as: Mala mujer, Guerrera, Llorando en la Limo and Booty, among others, the Madrilenian is one of the most widespread Spanish artists worldwide.

Playing at his own will with a sound as personal as homologated to the main international references of this gender, he has remained faithful to an intimate and close style. He has developed his style, immune to the incontestable success and the controversies that his proposal has generated, until confirming with his successive singles that we are facing one of the best writers of Spanish music songs of our day.

This summer, C. Tangana will be the first to step on the main stage of White Summer Sounds, inaugurating the ninth edition of the White Summer Festival and its new musical proposal.