Consciencias Naturales III

Fecha y hora

Saturday 03


Natural Consciousness III vs. Contemporary Art Exhibition with Sala Nonell – Jorge Alcolea

From 3rd to 25th august, from 18.00h

Natural Consciousness III – Tatiana Blanqué, curator vs. Jorge Alcolea / Sala Nonell Contemporary Art 2019.

Given the positive impact of the Natural Consciousness project, these last two years in the White Summer Festival in Pals, we want to continue with the same thread, from the fact of knowing that we live between two realities, the real one and the one we want to believe is.

We want to make the spectator a participant through observation, experience, smells, sounds and perceptions.

We want the visual arts and nature to remain linked, making clear how nature is a special concern in our lives. This year we want to focus all our energy in a single installation, dedicated exclusively to the little care humans take of their seas and oceans.

The installation will be carried out by Tatiana Blanqué (curator), Fiona Morrison, Pilar Farrés and Michelle Wilson, artists who have participated on last two editions.

That’s why it seemed interesting to invite into the project the prestigious galleries: Sala Nonell and Jorge Alcolea. They, through their artistic sponsorship, will delight us with works by contemporary artists from their gallery as Miguel Macaya, Lídia Masllorens, Isabel Ramoneda, Carlos Azañedo or Mario Pamez. They will delight us, too, with pieces by modern artists such as Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró, Antoni Tàpies, Miquel Barceló, Alberto Giacometti and Maurice Utrillo, many of them with ties to the coast that welcomes us.

We will carry out different types of activities, all of them related to the world of visual arts. The idea is that the public can have a wide range of pictorial, sculptural and vivid art, as well as the possibility of participating in an auction of art deco furniture and how they can be combined with contemporary art.


This year, it‘s necessary that what concerns the creator reaches the public and the public becomes aware of what they are seeing and feeling. An interaction between artist and spectator will be sought, making communication between the messenger and the receiver evident. The viewer will feel surrounded by nets full of plastics collected from the sea, he/she will feel that it’s absolutely necessary to take part in the cleaning of our waters, he/she’ll feel that we aren’t doing things well.

We want to immerse ourselves in the waters that surround us and observe what is happening. Plastics are part of these two parallel worlds, it’s clear that we share these materials that flood and weaken us, garbage created by man. The most visible marine pollution is what makes us worse in the eyes but what we do not see? Pollution

At the same time the visitor will find a table very well setted, but on the dishes he/she will find only garbage, everything that we throw into the sea. This is what we do to mistreat the environment.

We want the facade of the house, around of the White Summer, to also support the installation. It will reach the gardens to invite everyone to the exhibition. The revitalizing plastics net will give people the clue that dirt is everywhere, we hide it, we justify it but we do not want to see it.

The sea cries (Joan Dausà) and returns us what we sent to him, garbage that covers our coasts, which damage marine fauna, and that they arrive at our tables and we do not even notice, we only eat them!

All this applied to Nature becomes a responsibility that should be something innate in our society. We must revindicate what concerns us to move on everything, transmit it through all means of communication and, of course, through Visual Arts.

As Unamuno said: “Nature is an examination of consciousness” and we need to be aware that the seas produce more than half of the oxygen in the atmosphere and absorb the largest amount of carbon in it, it is sufficiently forceful? That is, we can breath oxygen thanks to the seas!!

We know that nature is a privilege: to be able to enjoy it, to be surrounded by it, of its sounds, of its smells, it is a jewel that we have and we don’t realize. Nature has a lot of things related to well-being, knowing how to enjoy little things, knowing how to observe, smell, walk, swim, breathe, listen, study, draw, write, compose… definitely a luxury that is already half way to becoming a museum piece. Nature is being controlled by humans, to a great extent. It is no longer nature understood as such, we decide for it, we are prisoners of our acts and it seems that we are not aware, we are spoiling, we are doing very badly!

Waste of our reality that we do not want to see and throw the sea. Why share only what we do not like?