Antara Flow with Wanderlust

Fecha y hora

Saturday 17


Yoga + Music Free movement + Meditation with Wanderlust

An innovative session guided by Morgan Palmer, one of our teachers, ambassador and DJ of the festival. Antara Flow combines yoga, free movement, conscious breathing and guided meditation, enhanced by binaural sounds that train our brain’s waves towards a consistent and meditative state through wireless helmets. Dynamic and accessible, fun and very powerful, the practice leads us directly to experience deep states of consciousness and flow.

Meet the teacher:

Morgan Palmer Hubbard @nowhereyoga , is a yoga teacher, DJ and experienced facilitator. He has been researching awareness, wellbeing and health for 15 years through yoga, psychology, and music. Originally from New Zealand, he has traveled around the world studying different traditions and cultures, and has been co-founder of the Agni Spirit Festival, Nowhere Yoga and two yoga studios in Barcelona. Recently the new Antara Flow project is premiered to combine his passions and learning, using new technologies to facilitate direct experiences of the states of consciousness revealed by the ancient wisdom of yoga.


REQUIREMENTS: Every assistant must bring their own mat.